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Mike Ford - Thanadelthur
This is an excellent song that is based on the life of Thanadelthur. Thanadelthur was a Dene woman who was enslaved by the Cree, escaped, made alliances between the Dene and the Hudson's Bay Company (at York Factory), incited gold fever in the north, and then made peace between the Dene and the Cree.

The song is told from the point of view of Chief Factor James Knight, a man who had a deep respect for Thanadelthur and what she was able to accomplish.

Words & Music: Mike Ford
from the album “Canada Needs You - vol. 1” – MapleMusicRecordings

In your caribou hide Thanadelthur
And the fire inside Thanadelthur
And your songs of thanks to the land
That my West Highlands heart
Could not understand
When worlds collide Thanadelthur
Where the tundra meets tree you commanded
And made peace with the Cree single-handed
Teenage Dene girl
Who spoke from her heart
And fought for her world
And lit a fire in me Thanadelthur
You escaped the beast that shackled you down
Then you walked across a continent’s crown
You saw the look I gave when you said gold
But you never lived to see what took hold
The fur-lust and the coming of the misguided fools
With their sickness and guns and kidnapping schools
Between the borealis and the Wolf Star
Oh Thanadelthur that’s where you are
Now your young body fades your voice is quiet
Within these dark palisades, and I try to deny it
And pray your language to learn
Before The Great Spirit calls
For you to return
But you smile unafraid, Thanadelthur