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Mike Ford - Canada Needs You
This song is written as advertisement for European settlement in Canada. Great for discussions of propaganda, hyperboles, and irony. Very amazing and well written.

Words & Music: Mike Ford
from the album “Canada Needs You - vol. 1” – MapleMusicRecordings

Canada’s century had barely begun
She needed millions more people to share in the fun
Of populating the prairies and building up steam
For the boastin’ bout the coast-to-coast Canadian dream!
So in England and Norway, Holland and the Ukraine
and in Germany and Greece the people heard the refrain
Of Canada boosters with pure prairie pride
Who sang a tunefull promise that could not be denied
They said “why be a pauper, a peasant or slave?
Why work for a landlord ‘til you’re in the grave?
When in a garden of Eden across the great sea
There’s 160 acres for you totally free!
So why don’t you.....
Leave your dirty crowded streets and be a king in Canada
There’s an abundance of everything in Western Canada
Where it’s never ever cold
And the streets are paved with gold
And you grow rutabegas bigger than a loaf of bread
tomatoes bigger than a horse’s head
Across the sea on a luxury cruise you’ll sail to Canada
A smiling man will let you choose your land in Canada
There’s milk and honey and a kitchen sink
There’s never any bugs or drought and the farts don’t stink
And you’ll grow wheat for eleven months every year
grapes for your wine barley for your beer
gold flakes floating in the atmosphere
Step up and volunteer for your new career
Grab your family and your sheepskin coat and find your rebirth
In the only piece of paradise that’s left on the earth
Manitoba and the Great Northwest are calling it’s true
Cuz you need Canada and Canada needs you!