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Mike Ford - La Patriote
This is a more solemn song for Mike Ford, but it packs quite a punch. It's full of information and does a great job of covering the details of the Rebellion in Lower Canada.

Words & Music: Mike Ford
from the album “Canada Needs You - vol. 1” – MapleMusicRecordings

She’s standing in the public square - she listens to them speak
Of the fraudulence and flatulence they call the Chateau Clique
And how the Governeur’s asleep and how the judges all grow fat
And dying crops and cholera of Mille-Huit-Cent-Trente-Quatre
With eloquence, injustices are attacked by Papineau
But others say melt your spoons to bullets - which way shall we go?
Suivez La Patriote!
She sees the proud and angry habitants, Les Fils de Liberte
She celebrates at St Denis and at St Charles joins the fray
She hears of victory and setback, new recruits and new defections
She sees the water lit up gold by fire in all directions
She sees men hiding in cellars, messengers grabbed and cut down
Confusion, rumours from the south, - and English soldiers in her own town
Suivez La Patriote!
Now she sees white flags in the windows, homes turned to smoking ash
Broken Patriotes bound up in chains in the streets of Ste Eustache
Loyal men from 1812 now get the noose or Van Deiman’s Land
And for the peoples’ future, assimilation planned
But awoken is a destiny that would not be stilled again
La belle espoire, le beau risque de la nation Canadienne
Suivez La Patriote
Suivez La Patriote!