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Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie - The War of 1812
A great parody of the classic Johnny Horton song, "The Battle of New Orleans". Very humourous and the kids will love it!

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

Come back oh proud Canadians
To before they had TV
No Hockey Night in Canada
There was no CBC
In 1812 Madison was mad
He was the President, you know
He thought he'd tell the British
Where they ought to go
He thought he'd invade Canada
He thought that he was tough
Instead we went to Washington
And burned down all his stuff

And the White House burned, burned, burned
And we're the ones that did it!
It burned burned burned
While the President ran and cried
It burned burned burned
Things were very historical
and the Americans ran and cried like a bunch of little babies, wah wah wah
in the war of 1812!

Now some hillbillies from Kentucky
dressed in green and red
left home to fight in Canada
but they returned home dead
Its only war the Yankees lost
except for Vietnam
and also the Alamo
and the Bay of... Ham
The loser was America
The winner was ourselves
So sing along and gloat about
The war of 1812

In 1812, we were just sittin’ around,
Mindin’ our own business, puttin’ crops into the ground.
We heard the soldiers coming and we didn’t like that sound.
So we took a boat to Washington and burned it to the ground.

Oh... we... fired our guns, but the Yankees kept-a coming,
There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and the Yankees started running,
Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, oh, oh....
They ran through the snow and they ran through the forest,
They ran through the bushes where the beavers wouldn’t go.
They ran so fast, they forgot to take their culture,
Back to America, and Gulf and Texaco
So, if you go to Washington, its buildings clean and nice,
Bring a pack of matches, and we’ll burn the White House twice!