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The Tragically Hip - Yer Not the Ocean
It's a bit cryptic, but your students will have fun trying to figure out this one. Gord wrote this song as an attack on Rona Ambrose and PM Stephen Harper for the "Clean Air" Act proposed in 2003. With its vague 50 year goal, many, like Gord, felt that this plan would do little to address the issue of climate change.

Ideas to look at:
- reference to water level rising (up to my toes - standing on my toes)
- "up to my chin" = fed up with
- "talking to a lake" = Harper, one who is isolated/small/less significant
- "ocean" = global concern, all-reaching
- "Britney" = focus on trivial celebrity non-sense
- "wall of water hitting the shelf" - polar glaciers breaking up.


Again Iím talking to the lake
Iím standing on the Rocks
Yer not the ocean
Iím better to watch Britney invisible
Or the stranger in myself
Than a wall of water just hitting the shelf

Yer not the Ocean
Youíre up to my toes
Yer not the ocean
Youíre not even close

Though youíre so real
And youíve more youth everyday
And you can think and take and take

Yer not the Ocean
Iím standing on my toes
Yer not the ocean
Youíre not even close

Youíre not the ocean
Youíre up to my chin
Yer not the ocean

Youíre not coming in