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- I Am Albertan - I Am Canadian Parody
I Am Albertan

Hey, I'm not a farmer or an oil worker.
I don't live in Red Deer or eat raw beef or own a pickup truck.
I don't know Doug or Dwayne or Debbie from Fort McMurray, but I'm sure they're very nice people.
I have a premier named Ralph, not a dictator named Lucien.
And I speak English, you got it? English. Not French.
And I'm sick of having French rammed down my throat.
I go to the lake and stay in a cabin, not a cottage.
I believe in plugging in my car during the winter because if I don't, it won't start.
I drive 100 km/h in the left hand lane on Highway 2 even though the sign says, "slower traffic, keep to the right."
I'm not against Bill 11, but I'm not for Bill 11.
As a matter of fact, I don't even know what Bill 11 is all about.
I cheer for the Oilers because they play in the Leagues.
I don't believe Toronto is the centre of the universe.
I've never been there and I don't ever plan on going there.
Alberta has the second largest deposit of oil in the world.
And because of that, I don't pay taxes.
And I believe it's the greatest province in the country.
But I'd still move to B.C. if I got a good job offer.
My name is Joe.
And I am Albertan.

Actually, I moved here from Ontario in the '80's.