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John Spearn - Ten Thousand Guns (Vimy Ridge, 1917)
Ten Thousand Guns (Vimy Ridge, 1917)

Down the line we waited for the signal to run
On the ridge we'll face 10 000 guns.
Over here in God's hands where we can't see the sun
[10 000 long miles from home]

And again I dreamed of my Jenny
Back in the 'Peg waiting for me.
Her brown hair and eyes spark a'plenty
And [soon to be married we'll be].

Through no-man's-land was the glory we found
Through craters and holes with our friends we were bound.
And our sons will carry our story on down
And have [peace in a world without end].

T'was then I saw my Jenny
But why can't she see me?
Her brown eyes carry tears a'plenty
[10 000 miles cross the sea].

10 000 mothers are crying
10 000 sons paid to turn the tide.
And many a good lad still trying
[To cross to the other side]

words and music by John Spearn