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John Spearn - Dieppe
A moving piece about the Dieppe raid.

We rode on a wave to Dieppe that day
There was Frenchy, Mack, n' me, in our proud Black Berets.
Canadian Commandos, 5000 strong were we,
So glad to be delivering liberty
But the Germans were there, on the shore-

Dave Mack ran a gamut, way out in front of the boys
We just couldn't see, through the smoke, fire, and noise
We knew he could run, but rock sand, his pack, and his gun . . .
In a blinding flash on the shore . . . cry no more.

Frenchy led the way past the gun-caves we could see,
With a fine eye and luck, he knocked out two or three,
The boys heard armor rollin', closer than they wanted to be
It seemed so sudden, for Frenchy
". . . Pousser des cris"

With as many dead as wounded, pinned down we can't break free
I just want to go back to my Saskatoon prairie,
They're picking us off like flies, I can't take it no more
Dear Lord, please sail us off this shore . . .

1000 men lay dyin', dear Lord . . . cry no more

[We rode on a wave, to Dieppe that day]...