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Lethbridge teacher, David Fletcher is a music enthusiast.  So, his love for music and teaching were an obvious marriage.  Since 2003, he has been doing presentations at teacher's conventions and conferences to speak about "Using Music in the Classroom".  He has two separate presentations that he is willing to offer.

Neil Young... in MY Classroom?!?

From Bob Dylan and Bob Marley to U2 and Greenday, there is music around us that contains more that just lyrics and rhythms.  This session will explore the world of political music and its ability to change our views and opinions on various issues.  It will also examine ways that teachers can music to discuss currents events, history, and social issues.  Teach with music.. and watch them come alive! 

The Canadian History Course Rocks!

Isn’t learning history so much more interesting when it comes along with a catchy beat?  Our Canadian history is full of amazing people and stories; a point that is sometimes lost on our students as they listen to us discuss our history.  However, something changes when they hear a song about it.  Students are engaged by music, and they will retain information presented in song long after the images and words of the textbooks have dissolved from their memories.  In this session, you will hear songs that deal with Canadian identity, geography, and regionalism.  However, the main focus of the session will be Canadian history.

Contact Information:
David Fletcher
403 327 1217