This website was created to support a teacher's resource package regarding Canadian History, and from that beginning, it has grown into a multifaceted site.  The initial teacher's package explored various ways to engage student learning through the use of music.  The resource package can be found in the resources section of this website.   

This resource package was created by teachers in Southern Alberta to help other teacher incorporate more music into their classrooms.  Our thanks goes out to SAPDC (Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium), who provided funds to get this project going and for project meetings.  The committee was made up of:

David Fletcher                        LCI
Robbie Van Orman                LCI
Dawn King-Hunter                 GS Lakie
Lorraine Wolsey                     GS Lakie
Robin Haney                           Gilbert Paterson
Bev Fisher                               Gilbert Paterson
Kae McFadzen                        Gilbert Paterson
Jamie Michaud                       DA Ferguson

Special thanks to Angela Schwarzer, who completed various song reviews (June-July 2007)

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The website information is managed by David Fletcher - email david.fletcher@lethsd.ab.ca

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Blake Evernden of Lethbridge, AB

Special thanks to CKUA and CKXU for keeping new and interesting music alive in our community.