Teacher Resources

The ultimate goal of this project is to foster the development of critical analysis skills through the exploration of music.  Music can be used in multiple ways, for example, you could: discuss the motivation for the writing of the song, the narrator’s perspective, and compare the song to other documents. 

That being said, there are also a number of worksheets that have been created as a part of this project.  However, do not feel as though you must use the worksheets!  It would be a shame to kill the student’s enjoyment of the music with the worksheets.  Instead, use them as a guide for your teaching – not as a lesson plan. 

Songs that have accompanying sheets will have some the following parts:

Vocabulary – to help make sure the students understand the song.  Students can complete this individually of you may want to just discuss and define the words as a class.

Do You Know It? – this section deals with background knowledge the students may or may not have.  It should be done with the teacher, or resources should be made available to assist the students with this part.

Did You Catch It? – the questions in this section are straight forward, and most students should be able to answer them after hearing the song once.

Do You Get It? – this section deals with higher level thinking questions, and may require the students to think critically about the material and its purpose. 

Extensions and Activities! – if you’re interested in expanding on the ideas presented in this song, we have provided you with a few extensions. 

Teacher’s Guide
– here you will find some handy background knowledge both on the song and the artist, as well as an answer key and ideas for other resources.
File: Acadian Driftwood >> Download
File: Acadian Driftwood >> Download
File: Canada Needs You >> Download
File: Canada Needs You >> Download
File: Canadian Railroad Trilogy >> Download
File: Canadian Railroad Trilogy >> Download
File: Cortez - Hero or Villian? >> Download
File: Cover page for the O Ursalia Project >> Download
File: Debate - SS 10 Booklet >> Download
File: Debate - SS 20 Booklet >> Download
File: Debate - SS 30 Booklet >> Download
File: Debate Booklet for Teachers >> Download
File: Debate Rubric >> Download
File: Dr. Seuss Info >> Download
File: Fisherman's Song >> Download
File: How To Analyse Music >> Download
File: Imperial Song Challenge >> Download
File: Imperialism Songs >> Download
File: La Patriote >> Download
File: Les Voyageurs >> Download
File: Live Aid Songs >> Download
File: Louis and Gabriel >> Download
File: Lyrics - Canadian Songs >> Download
File: Lyrics - Early Canadian History Songs >> Download
File: Lyrics - Political Music >> Download
File: Neil Young in MY Classroom (handout) >> Download
File: Northwest Company >> Download
File: Northwest Passage >> Download
File: Ribbon of Broken Dreams >> Download
File: Sir John A. >> Download
File: Thanadelthur >> Download
File: The Battle of New Orleans >> Download
File: Turbot War (Fish Fight) - part 2 >> Download
File: Turbot War (Fish Fight) - part 3 >> Download
File: Turn Them Ooot >> Download
File: United Empire Loyalists >> Download
File: Voyageurs (supplement) >> Download
File: War of 1812 >> Download